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Watch Your Pet Around Water!

Be aware of your dog’s swimming proficiency. Realize that this skill will diminish dramatically at night, with advancing age, and the fear associated with accidental falls. Even excellent swimmers may panic in the dark or after a slip and fall into the water.

If your pet likes to swim, work with him in the pool to help him learn where the steps are, so he can get out easily. Put contrasting paint or tape on the fence behind the steps to give your dog a visual clue he can count on.

Some dogs will never swim on their own, but still face the risk of falling in by accident.

Dogs with seizure disorders are never safe around water unsupervised!

Consider pool safety products such as baby fences, pool alarms, etc.

Life vests and pool ramps (to help dogs get up from the side of the pool) are not completely safe.

Avoidance of the pool area through secure fencing is the only way to ensure poolside safety!